Since the dawn of time, travelers build up cairns to mark their passage in the mountains. These piles of stones sometimes indicate places of remembrance. Some call them "men of stone"...


A Cairn Tale is a 3rd person mountaineering adventure in which you explore monumental and dreamlike environments through the seasons

You play as Kar, a bird burdened by a shell of stones. To get rid of it, they must reach the cairns that mark their way to the top of the Mountain.

Climb vertiginous and various environments where there are no marked paths, only directions. You will face the elements over the seasons to regain your freedom. Discover the secrets of the Mountain through this metaphorical tale about resilience and the legacy we leave behind.

Open your way through the Mountain!

Climb the Mountain and open your own path with a permissive climbing system and a wide range of mountaineering-inspired tools: abseil rope, slackline, grappling hook and more.

Brave the Storm!

Confront this chaotic and destructive entity who has deprived you of your wings. It will come back to haunt you and prevent you from reaching the top of the Mountain.

Dive into a sensitive visual and sound universe

Explore monumental and dizzying landscapes, enhanced by a graphic style inspired by traditional drawing techniques. Your journey will be accompanied by an original soundtrack produced in close collaboration with our composer, which oscillates between epicness and melancholy.

Join the adventure!

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